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HCG Drops – Are They Really Effective?

HCG drops treatment is a dietary supplement that is commonly used to treat obesity, enhance weight loss and promote even/ normal fat distribution. The treatment is quite popular among people who are overweight and therefore wish to lose some of the excess weight.

Does HCG drop really work? Arguments that support the treatment

Albert Simeons, a British endocrinologist, is the first scientist who proposed the use of HCG drops as a supplement for ultra low calorie –diet for people who need to lose weight.

The scientist extensively studied pregnant women who were on calorie deficient diet as well as men who were suffering from Frolich’s syndrome and were undergoing low dose HCG treatment. He discovered that the patients lost significant amounts of fat without losing any lean tissues/ muscles.

Albert therefore concluded that if HCG drops are used as weight loss treatment, the medication will program consumers’ hypothalamus to promote the consumption and mobilization of excessive and abnormal adipose tissues.

On the basis of this study, many nutritionists recommend the use of HCG drops in combination with ultra low calorie, low fat, low carbohydrate and high protein diet for patients who wish to lose excessive/abnormal adipose tissue without simultaneously losing their muscle tissues.

Does HCG drop really work? Arguments advanced against the treatment

The FDA and other oversight authorizes in most countries across the world have made it mandatory that manufacturers of HCG drops must openly declare on their products that the treatment has not been proved beyond reasonable doubt that it’s effective and safe in weight control and treatment of obesity.

According to experts, no substantial evidence exists to prove that HCG drops treatment enhances weight loss (other than causing calorie restriction), that it results to normal/ better fat distribution, or that it reduces discomfort and hunger that’s experienced by people who are on calorie- restrictive diets.

According to review studies that were published in the American Journal of -Clinical Nutrition and Journal of the -American Medical Association, HCG drops treatment is not really effective in enhancing weight loss and treating obesity.

A meta-analysis (conducted by physicians who are affiliated to the American -Society of -Bariatric Physicians) has established that scientific studies which support the use of HCG drops as dietary supplement to enhance weight loss and treat obesity were in fact, of poor methodological quality and that there’s insufficient scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of HCG drops in treating obesity, that it enhances weight loss or that the treatment causes even/normal fat distribution.

Most of the HCG drops that are available in the market contain ingredients which are often doubtful. Furthermore, medication prepared from genuine HCG using homeopathic dilution often contain very low concentration of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and the low concentration often reduces their effectiveness.

Most of the scientists who have contributed to the debate about effectiveness of HCG drops argue that it’s quite difficult for oral HCG to be bio-available because the process of hepatic metabolism and digestive protease enzymes make peptide based molecules such as HCG biologically inert. Scientists therefore argue that the most viable way of introducing HCG into human beings is by direct-injection into the bloodstream. It’s important to note that most HCG drops are orally ingested.

The FDA and other regulatory authorities in countries across the world have categorically declared that most HCG drops are quite ineffective for enhancing weight loss, treating obesity and boosting normal fat distribution. The treatment has been declared illegal in some countries, while many countries have classified it as a homeopathic drug. Or you can read reviews of hcg drops to find one suitable for your weight loss needs.